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The RIGHT CHOICE of stainless steel and surface finish provides a low lifetime cost and environmental impact!

When there are problems.
Can stainless steel surfaces rust or become discolored?

Stainless steel facades, structural components, and civil engineering

Stainless steel is actually a false name. It should really be called “weathering steel”. The choice of steel grade therefore requires consideration of the actual service environment at a very early stage. That is one of the reasons that there are lots of grades and surfaces to choose from! Choosing the wrong steel grade and or combination of surface finish could lead to corrosion or discoloration. Sometimes you have chosen the wrong steel grade or surface finish that may mean that the stainless steel corrode or discolour. A discoloured surface can be cleaned with a suitable detergent.

Coastal locations are examples of atmospheric environment that have aggressive atmospheric conditions. The Swedish west coast has a more corrosive atmospheric environment than the Swedish east coast, where the salinity of the sea water is lower. In an urban environment, the same types of problems occur when road salt is in the environment. Further, exterior components’ that are sheltered from the rain have increased risk of corrosion and discoloration. The problems in Sweden coastal areas, however, is small compared to coastal environments such as the Middle East and Australia, where the salinity of the ocean is extremely high in combination with high temperatures.

Avesta Steel Design can give you advice when there are problems with building applications, but the best advice is always given in the planning stage.

High temperature applications

Components that work in high temperatures can often have a relatively short lifetime. If a component has failed, and you want to choose a material that gives a longer lifetime, it is necessary to know a few things. What type of steel was used and how did the component fail (photos), but also design drawings. Often the type of construction and fabrication of the component is more important than the choice of material. To select an alternative material you must also be familiar with the environment (gas) the material is working in, and also process information including temperature variations.

If a component has failed at high temperatures, Avesta Steel Design gives you suggestions for alternative materials and construction.

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